Ettore Majorana Prize – Erice – Science for Peace

In order to promote the values of scientific culture worldwide and following a proposal by the WFS, a special law was voted unanimously by the Sicilian Parliament, in 1988, to establish the ‘Ettore Majorana Prize – Erice – Science for Peace’. Every year, the Prize is awarded to distinguished scientists and world leaders who have contributed to the promotion of the values of scientific culture. Sixty-two prizes were awarded to: P.A.M. Dirac, P.L. Kapitza, A.D. Sakharov, E. Teller, V.F. Weisskopf, J.B.G. Dausset, S.D. Drell, M. Gell-Mann, H.W. Kendall, L.C. Pauling, A. Salam, C. Villi, R. Doll, J.C. Eccles, T.D. Lee, L. Montagnier, Qian Jiadong, J.S. Schwinger, U. Veronesi, G.M.C. Duby, R.L. Garwin, S.L. Glashow, D.C. Hodgkin, R.Z. Sagdeev, K.M.B. Siegbahn, Y.P. Velikhov, J. Karle, J.-M.P. Lehn, A. Magnéli, N.F. Ramsey, H. Rieben, J.J. van Rood, C.S. Wu, R.L. Mössbauer, A. Müller, H. Kohl, M.S. Gorbachev, H.H. John Paul II, R. Clark, M. Cosandey, A. Peterman, R. Wilson, Lord J. Alderdice, J.I. Friedman, M. Koshiba, S. Coleman, A.N. Chilingarov, P.C.W. Chu, L. Esaki, W.N. Lipscomb Jr., J. Szyszko, M.-K. Wu, H.A. Hauptman, D.H. Hubel, R. Huber, B.I. Samuelsson, H. Sun, A.E. Yonath, G. 't Hooft, Y.T. Lee, W. Arber and S.C.C. Ting.

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