Director of the School: A. ZICHICHI


49th Course, Erice, Italy, 24 June-3 July 2011



  • G. ALTARELLI: The Mystery of Neutrino Mixings [lecture1][lecture2]
  • I. ANTONIADIS: Testing Strings at LHC [lecture1][lecture2]
  • S. BERTOLUCCI: Start up and First LHC Results [lecture1][lecture2]
  • R. BOUSSO: Entropy Bounds and the Holographic Principle [lecture1 and lecture2]
  • D. DENISOV: From the Discovery of Top to the Higgs Boson Search: at FERMILAB [lecture]
  • S. FERRARA: Quantum Gravity needs Supergravity [lecture]
  • H. FRITZSCH: Quarks and Leptons are not the Fundamental Constituents [lecture1]
  • P. GIUBELLINO: Highlights from ALICE [lecture]
  • G. 't HOOFT: From the negative β-Function via the Standard Model to Quantum Gravity. Using Black Holes to Understand Quantum Gravity [lecture1 and lecture2 and lecture3]
  • L.N. LIPATOV: Effective Action for the High Energy Scattering in QCD and in Quantum Gravity [lecture]
  • P. MINKOWSKI: Infrared Instability in QCD [lecture]
  • A. SAGNOTTI: Majorana Legacy: Strings and Higher Spin [lecture1][lecture2]
  • M.J. TANNENBAUM: Highlights from BNL-RHIC [lecture1 and lecture2]
  • S. TING: The Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS) Experiment, in the honors of the 50 anniversary of the Erice School [lecture]
  • L. VOTANO: Highlights from Gran Sasso Lab [lecture]
  • H. WENNINGER: The QGCW Project - Technological Challenges to study the New World [lecture]

Presentations, by New Talents

  • V. ALBA "Exact expression for Virasoro conformal block"[PDF]
  • A.G. AGOCS "Underlying Events in p+p Collisions at LHC Energies"[PDF]
  • L. ALBERTE "Massive Gravity: Exorcising the Ghost"[PDF]
  • M. BADZIAC "Yukawa Unification in SO(10) with light sparticle spectrum"[PDF]
  • V. BEGUN "Strongly intensive measures for multiplicity fulctuations in AA and pp collisions"[PDF]
  • P. BIASSONI "Charmonium Spectroscopy in Two-Photon Collisions at BABAR"[PDF]
  • S. BIONDINI "Phenomenology of excited double charged leptons at LHC"[PDF]
  • N.E. BOMARK "Decaying Gravitino Dark Matter"[PDF]
  • P. BURDA "Cosmological constant and Casimir effect"[PDF]
  • X. CALMET "What is the Higgs field? An analogy between GR and the week interactions"[PDF]
  • S. CAMPBELL "Diffuse Gamma-ray Signals from Extragalactic Dark Matter Annihilation"[PDF]
  • A. CAMPOLEONI "Higher spin in D = 2+1"[PDF]
  • J.J.M. CARRASCO "Gluons for (almost) nothing, and gravitons for free"[PDF]
  • B.L CERCHIAI "Magic Supergravity and E_7(-25)"[PDF]
  • M. CSANAD "Evolution of the sQGP"[PDF]
  • D. DI FILIPPO "Lepton flavour universality test at NA62 (CERN)"[PDF]
  • Q. DOROSTI "Detection of neutrino-induced showers with the Antares Neutrino Telescope"[PDF]
  • D. GALAKHOV "Modular transformation of conformal block and S-duality"[PDF]
  • G. INGUGLIA "Charm, CP violation and new physics: the tool"[PDF]
  • Z. KEPULADZE "Lorentz violation in Standard Model and GUT"[PDF]
  • A. KHMELNITSKIY "UV-completion by "classicalization""[PDF]
  • E. KRYLOV "Q-balls for baryon asymmetry and dark matter"[PDF]
  • M. KURKOV "Spectral action, Weyl anomaly and the Higgs-Dilaton potential"[PDF]
  • P. LAYCOCK "The LHeC Project"[PDF]
  • A. LUKACS "Vortex-radiation interaction in phi^4 and GP theories"[PDF]
  • E. MANONI "Rare B-dacays in new physics searches"[PDF]
  • M. MAGER "Mechanical resonances in the readout chambers of ALICE TPC"[PDF]
  • A. MATVEEV "4d Black Hole as a deformation of AdS space"[PDF]
  • S. MIRONOV "Non-Gaussianity in a model with conformal scalar"[PDF]
  • A. MIYAZAKI "First Direct Measurement of Positronium Hyperfine Splitting"[PDF]
  • A. MOROZOV "CFT and Selberg Integrals"[PDF]
  • M. ORCHANIAN "New Results on Electron Neutrino Appearance in MINOS"[PDF]
  • V. PALLADINO "The NA62 experiment at CERN"[PDF]
  • L.F. PALHARES "The QCD critical endpoint in heavy-ion collisions: the role of finite-size effects"[PDF]
  • A. POPOLITOV "Resolvents and Seiberg-Witten representation for Gaussian β-ensemble"[PDF]
  • M. PREWITT "D0 luminosity"[PDF]
  • E. RINALDI "Scalar mass corrections from compactified extra dimensions on the lattice"[PDF]
  • A. ROTHKOPF "Heavy Quark potential from Lattice QCD spectral functions"[PDF]
  • A. SADOFYEV "Chiral hydrodynamics within effective theory approach"[PDF]
  • F.P. SCHULLER "All classical spacetime geometries"[PDF]
  • T.C. SISMAN "Critical Gravity in D-dimensions"[PDF]
  • A. SPIEZIA "Charge misidentification rate on low pT leptons in SUSY search"[PDF]
  • D.T. TAKAKI "Quarkonia production at ALICE"[PDF]
  • M TARONNA "String Lessons for Higher Spins"[PDF]
  • R. VERTESI "In-medium reduction of the eta' mass"[PDF]
  • A. VLASOV "Galaxies formation in the mirror dark matter model"[PDF]
  • L. WEN "Measuring sin^{2}(2θ_{13})with the Daya Bay nuclear reactors"[PDF]

Posters, by New Talents

  • A. Agostinelli: "The performance of the ALICE TOF detector"
  • B.L. Cerchiai: "Magic Supergravity and E_7(-25)"
  • M. Franchini: "J/psi polarization at ATLAS in the dimuon channel "
  • G. Inguglia: "Radiative Decays in Charm at BES-III"
  • M. Mager: "Lambda_c to Proton, Kaon, Pion in Pb-Pb collisions as a benchmark channel for an ITS upgrade at ALICE"
  • P. Morawski: "Measurement of the relative yields of the decay modes B_{d,s} -> D^+/-_{s} pi^-/+ and B_{d,s} -> D^+/-_{s} K^-/+ and determination of f_s/f_d for 7 TeV pp collisions"
  • A. Policicchio, D. Salvatore "Search for Long-Lived Neutral Particles in ATLAS Detector"
  • O. Shekhovtsova: "Resonance Chiral Theory: application for tau physics"
  • I. Yeletskikh: "Search for hi-mass resonances in di-muon channel in ATLAS data"




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