Director of the School: A. ZICHICHI


Erice, 23 June – 2 July 2012

50th Anniversary Celebrations 2011-2012-2013





  • D. AUTIERO, Status of OPERA [lecture]
  • G. BELLINI, Borexino Lateset Results [lecture]
  • Z. BERN, Perturbative Quantum Gravity from Gauge Theory [lecture]
  • A. BETTINI, Origin and Status of the Third Neutrino [lecture]
  • P. BLOCH, Highlights from LHC [lecture]
  • C. BROGGINI, Origin and Status of LUNA at Gran Sasso [lecture]
  • T.Y. CAO, Key Steps Toward the Creation of QCD [lecture]
  • F. CLOSE, The Quark Model and QCD [lecture]
  • E. COCCIA, High energy physics and gravitational waves [lecture]
  • C.A. DOMINGUEZ, Quark Masses in QCD [lecture]
  • S. FERRARA, Black Holes in the Superworld [lecture]
  • H. FRITZSCH, Composite Weak Bosons at the LHC [lecture]
  • M. GELL-MANN, Some Reminiscences of Research Leading to QCD [lecture1] Generalized Entropies [lecture2]
  • P. GIUBELLINO, Highlights from ALICE [lecture]
  • P. JENNI, Highlights from ATLAS [lecture]
  • J. KNOBLOCH, Four Decades of computing in Subnuclear Physics - from Bubble Chambers to LHC [lecture]
  • J. KUEHN, QCD Perturbation Theory and Asymptotic Freedom [lecture]
  • H. LEUTWYLER, On the history of the Strong Interaction [lecture]
  • L.N. LIPATOV, QCD and Quantum Graivity [lecture]
  • P. McBRIDE, Highlights from FERMI-lab: Status and Future Plans [lecture]
  • P. MINKOWSKI, Glueballs a Key Consequence of QCD [lecture]
  • D. V. NANOPOULOS, One Parameter Model for the Superworld [lecture]
  • D. SCHILDKNECHT, Color Trasparancy and Saturation in QCD [lecture]
  • G. 'T HOOFT, Beyond Relativistic Quantum Sting Theory, Discrete superstring [lecture1,lecture2]
  • M.J. TANNENBAUM, Highlights from BNL-RHIC [lecture]
  • L. VOTANO, Origin and Status of the Gran Sasso Lab [lecture]
  • H. WENNINGER, The LAA Project and the Consequences for LHC [lecture]
  • A. ZICHICHI, Opening Remarks [lecture1] Complexity and the QGCW Project [lecture2,addendum]

Presentations, by New Talents (40)

  • M. AJAZ, Nuclear Trasparency in the light nuclear system [PDF]
  • M. ARTYMOWSKI, Higgs inflation and Quantum Gravity [PDF]
  • D. BARDUCCI, DY Analysis of a 4D Composite Higgs Model (4D-CHM) [PDF]
  • G. BEDNIK, Emergent Lorentz invariance: holographic description [PDF]
  • V. BEGUN, Reminder of the Excluded Volume Effects at the Chemical Freeze-out [PDF]
  • K. BOYLE, The gluon contribution to the proton spin [PDF]
  • M.V. CARLUCCI, Beyond-Standard-Model Scenarios Facing New and Old Flavour Data [PDF]
  • J.J. CARRASCO, How QCD teaches us to look at Cosmological Large Scale Structure [PDF]
  • F. COLAMARIA, Measurement of D0 cross section from Kπππ decay channel in pp collisions at √s = 7 TeV with ALICE experiment [PDF]
  • I. GAHRAMANOV, The chiral magnetic effect [PDF]
  • S. DAVIES, One-Loop QCD and Higgs to Parton Processes Using Six-Dimensional Helicity and Generalized Unitarity [PDF]
  • J. DUARTE, Search for New Physics using Razor Variables at CMS [PDF]
  • A. FARAG ALI, Aspect of Quantum Gravity Phenomenology [PDF]
  • A.M. FRASSINO, The Casimir effect in minimal length theories [PDF]
  • S. GUTS, Kinetic equation for QED in external eld [PDF]
  • R. KNEGJENS, Lessons from Bs Lifetimes [PDF]
  • P.N. KOPNIN, More on the Tensor Response of the QCD Vacuum to an External Magnetic Field [PDF]
  • A. KRIKUN, Baryon as a dyonic instanton in holographic QCD [PDF]
  • S. LEONTSINIS, Multivariate analysis for setting the Bs to mu+mu- limit with ATLAS data [PDF]
  • Z. LIU, Exotic hadron search in gamma gamma -> VV processes [PDF]
  • R. LOPEZ DE SA', Precise measurement of the W mass with the D0 detector [PDF]
  • T. MELIA, Two weak Bosons at the LHC [PDF]
  • T. METCALF, Finite Temperature Effects in Warm Hybrid Inflation [PDF]
  • M. PERFILOV, Search for Beyond the Standard Model effects in the single-top quark production at D0 and CMS [PDF]
  • H. PIRUMOV, QCD fits of H1 [PDF]
  • K. PTITSYNA, Black Holes as Possible Sources of UHECR [PDF]
  • R. RUSSO, D+ meson production in pp collisions with the ALICE detector [PDF]
  • F. SANFILIPPO, Form factors of charmonium radative decays from lattice QCD [PDF]
  • P. SATUNIN, On calculation of cross sections in Lorentz-violating QED [PDF]
  • V. SHAPOVAL, Correlation femptoscopy of small systems [PDF]
  • A. SHEYKIN, General relativity à la string: issues and new results [PDF]
  • A. SLEPTSOV, Quantum field theory and unification of knot theories [PDF]
  • A. TARASOV, BFKL pomeron in the external field of the nucleus in (2 + 1)-dimensional QCD [PDF]
  • D. THOMAS, Azimutal angular correlations of heavy flavour electron and charged hadrons in pp collisionons at ALICE at 2.76 TeV [PDF]
  • A. TUMANOV, Low-energy General Relativity with torsion: a systematic derivative expansion [PDF]
  • D. TWIGG, Seiberg duality and the Superconformal index [PDF]
  • K. UERMOESSY, Microcanonical jet-fragmentation at LEP and LHC energies and Tsallis Statistics [PDF]
  • F. WISSBROCK, Computing DIS Heavy Flavor Contribution at NNLO [PDF]
  • M. ZHANG, My Hunting in Daya Bay Neutrino Experiment [PDF]
  • M. ZOLLER, Stability of the Standard Model vacuum and the 3 loop beta function for the Higgs self-interaction [PDF]

Posters, by New Talents (13)

  • M.V. CARLUCCI, The 2HDM_MFV in the light of the recent precision data
  • B.L. CERCHIAI, Lorentzian magic squares and supergravity
  • Q. DOROSTI, Neutrino-Induced shower in the Deep-Sea ANTARES Detector
  • T. DROZHZHOVA, Multiplicity fluctuations and determination of centrality classes, in nuclear collision at high energy
  • A.R. FAZIO, BCFW tree level QCD corrections to WBF Higgs production [PDF]
  • J. HUSHNUD, Charged particle multipilicity distribution and their scaling behaviour at relativistic energies
  • G. INGUGLIA, Highlights from SuperB at Psi(3770)
  • R KNEGJENS. In pursuit of new physics of Bs mesons
  • S. HEMMER, The GERDA experiment
  • M. MAGER, Charm reconstruction in 35 seconds
  • M. SALIM, Effect of Sulphur Hexaflouride (SF6) on the Operation of Resistive Plate Chamber (RPC)
  • O. SHEKHOVTSOVA, Study of hadronic interaction at low energies in the processes with tau. Monte Carlo generator TAUOLA
  • I. YELETSKIKH, Search for new resonances in dilepton channel in ATLAS 2011 data


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