Director of the School: A. ZICHICHI


Erice, 24 June – 3 July 2013

50th Anniversary Celebrations 2011-2012-2013





  • I. ANTONIADIS, Mass Hierarchy and Physics Beyond the Standard Model [lecture]
  • Z. BERN, Status of the Perturbative Approach to Supergravity [lecture]
  • S. BERTOLUCCI, Highlights from ATLAS - ALICE - CMS [lecture]
  • A. BETTINI, Status of the Three Neutrinos [lecture]
  • T.Y. CAO, What is the Ontological Status of the Higgs Particle? [lecture]
  • F. CLOSE, The Pedagogic Higgs - or Somebody's - Boson [lecture]
  • M.J. DUFF, Magic Supergravity from Squaring Yang Mills [lecture]
  • S. FERRARA, Dualities in Supergravity [lecture]
  • F. FERRONI, Status of the Gran Sasso Lab [lecture]
  • H. FRITZSCH, The Internal Structure of the Weak Bosons [lecture]
  • P. GIUBELLINO, Highlights from ALICE [lecture]
  • P.W. HIGGS, My Life as Boson [lecture]
  • P. JENNI, Roadmap at the LHC to the Higgs Boson and Beyond [lecture]
  • L.N. LIPATOV, Gauge Forces: From QCD to Quantum Graivity [lecture]
  • L. MAIANI, New Spectroscopy with Charm and Beauty Multiquark States [lecture]
  • P. MINKOWSKI, Embedding oscillatory modes of quarks in baryons in QCD [lecture]
  • V. MUKHANOV, Quantum Origin of the Universe Structure [lecture]
  • D.V. NANOPOULOS, No-scale Supergravity in the Light of LHC and Planck [lecture]
  • A. RIAZUELO, Highlights from the Planck Satellite [lecture]
  • C. RITH, Present status of the EMC effect [lecture]
  • E. SOKATCHEV, New symmetries of N=4 Supersymmetric Gauge Theories [lecture]
  • G. 'T HOOFT, Origin and Status of the Instantons [lecture], Discreteness and Determinism in Superstring Theory [lecture], Closing Remarks [lecture]
  • M.J. TANNENBAUM, Latest Results from BNL and RHIC [lecture]
  • H. WENNINGER, Technology and Computing in relation to "Reflections on the Next Step for LHC" [lecture]
  • C. WILLIAMS, The Time of Flight (TOF) World Record [lecture]
  • A. ZICHICHI, Opening Remarks [lecture], The Time of Flight (TOF) World Record [lecture]

Presentations, by New Talents (51)

  • M.R. ALAM, Strange Particle Production from Nucleons [PDF]
  • K. ASTAPOV, Impact of sgoldstino on Higgs sector physics [PDF]
  • H.M.I.M. BAZA, The equation of state at LHC energy [PDF]
  • C. BACKHOUSE, Status and sensitivity of the NOvA experiment [PDF]
  • P. BIANCOFIORE, Rare heavy meson decays as a probe of New Physics [PDF]
  • L. BORSTEN, Superqubit [PDF]
  • D. BRITZGER, Multi-jet cross sections in deep-inelastic scattering at HERA (H1) and extraction of alpha_s(M_Z) [PDF]
  • M.V. CARLUCCI, Flavour as a Spontaneously Broken Gauge Symmetry [PDF]
  • M. CSANAD, Hydrodynamic description of the sQGP at RHIC and LHC [PDF]
  • R. DEPALO, Underground study of the 22Ne+p reaction and its role in stellar nucleosynthesis [PDF]
  • S. DAVIES, Understanding the Ultraviolet Properties of Supergravity Theories [PDF]
  • K. DOROUD, Future of fast timings [PDF]
  • S. DOWNES, Embedding of Cosmic Inflation [PDF]
  • A. ESPOSITO, A Mechanism for Hadron Molecule Production in proton-(anti)proton Collisions [PDF]
  • K. FUKUSHIMA, Real-time Yang-Mills simulation and thermalization problem at RHIC and LHC [PDF]
  • O. GOGOTA, Double J/psi production at D0 experiment [PDF]
  • C. HARTMANN, Neutrino masses and mixing [PDF]
  • A.I. IVANYTSKYI, Non classical scaling relations within exactly solvable models [PDF]
  • G. KARANANAS, Higgs-Dilaton Cosmology [PDF]
  • M. KIEHN, The Mu3e experiment: searching for the lepton flavour changing decay mu+->e+e-e+ [PDF]
  • M. KURKOV, Universal Landau pole [PDF]
  • J. LANGE, Charge Multiplication in Highly-Irradiated Si Sensors [PDF]
  • A. LAZLO, Understanding A+A collisions with h+A data at SPS energies [PDF]
  • S. LEONTSINIS, Associated production of heavy quarkonia and electroweak bosons at LHC [PDF]
  • R. LOPES DE SA', Precision calibration of the D0 liquid argon calorimeter [PDF]
  • M. MOJAZA, Systematic all-orders method to eliminate the renormalization-scale and scheme ambiguities in pQCD [PDF]
  • O. MOROZ, Analytical formulas, general properties, and calculation of transport coefficients in the hadron gas: shear and bulk viscosities [PDF]
  • A. MOROZOV, Cabling procedure for HOMFLY polynomials [PDF]
  • S. NAGY, Supergravity as the square of Super Yang-Mills: a geometric approach [PDF]
  • J. NOHLE, Color-kinematics duality for pure Yang-Mills and gravity at one and two loops [PDF]
  • A. PIKELNER, Standard Model Three-loop Beta-functions Gauge couplings.Yukawa couplings. Higgs self-interaction [PDF]
  • A.K. ROTHKOPF, From complex to stochastic potential: Heavy Quarkonia in the QGP [PDF]
  • N. RUTHMANN, Search for a SM Higgs Boson in semi-leptonic di-tau final states with ATLAS at the LHC [PDF]
  • A. SASTRE BRUNO, Chiral behaviour of pion properties from lattice QCD [PDF]
  • P. SATUNIN, The influence of Lorentz Violation on UHE photon detection [PDF]
  • M. SCHROEDER, Search for new physics in the multijet and missing transverse momentum sqrt{s} = 7 TeV [PDF]
  • J. SEELE, The PHENIX W program [PDF]
  • M. SEIDEL, Precision measurement of the top-quark mass with the CMS detector [PDF]
  • A. SEMENOVA, Composite superconformal string model as a new class of hadron string models [PDF]
  • E. SICKING, Physics and detectors at CLIC [PDF]
  • I. TIMIRYASOV, Heavy-meson physics and flavour violation with a single generation [PDF]
  • A.A. TOKAREVA, Broken scale invariance and inflation [PDF]
  • W.J. TORRES BOBADILLA, Full one loop QCD scattering amplitudes [PDF]
  • S. TROFYMENKO, Transition radiation and ionization energy losses of ultra high-energy 'half-bare' electron [PDF]
  • M. VIGNATI, Searching for Majorana neutrinos with cryogenic detectrors [PDF]
  • Y. WANG, Study of the alpha00(980)-f0(980) mixing [PDF]
  • C. WEVER, NLL soft and Coulomb resummation for squarks and gluino production at the LHC [PDF]
  • C. WYMANT, Making the Most of MET [PDF]
  • C.T. YU, The naturally custodial Higgs triplet model [PDF]
  • J. ZENNAMO, Identification of heavy flavour jets at D0 [PDF]
  • M. ZOCCALI, A charming opportunity for T-violation [PDF]

Posters, by New Talents (13)

  • P. BIANCOFIORE, On the anomalies recently observed in semileptonic B decays to the third family [PDF]
  • B.L. CERCHIAI, Some properties of the Iwasawa polynomials for irreducible symmetric spaces in supergravity [PDF]
  • M. COLOCCI, Nuclei and Antinuclei production in ALICE at LHC [PDF]
  • M. CSANAD, Analytic hydro with lattice QCD EoS [PDF]
  • R. DEPALO, Towards the study of 22Ne(p, gamma) 23Na at LUNA in Gran Sasso [PDF]
  • N. KRUPINA, New method to determine the magnetic polarizability of the proton
  • J. LANGE, Measurement of Differential ttbar Cross Sections at 7 TeV
  • A. LEITHES, Perturbation Theory in Flat FLRW Cosmology and Beyond [PDF]
  • O. LEMETS, ”Universe In Problems” project [PDF]
  • S. LEONTSINIS, Performance studies of a MicroMeGas chamber in the ATLAS environment [PDF]
  • A. LUKACS, Tractor beams, Cosmic strings, and related phenomena [PDF]
  • A. REBESH, Intercepts of pi-meson correlation functions in mu-Bose gas model [PDF]
  • D.A. YEROKHIN, Solution The Basic Cosmological Problems By Using The Holographic Principle [PDF]

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