Director of the School: A. ZICHICHI


50th Anniversary Celebration of the Quark with Murray Gell-Mann and George Zweig

Erice, 24 June – 3 July 2014





  • I. ANTONIADIS, The mass hierarchy and physics beyond the Standard Theory [lecture1_2]
  • Z. BERN, Recent developments in Scattering Amplitudes [lecture]
  • S. BERTOLUCCI, HL-LHC and beyond: Experimental challenges and physics opportunities [lecture1_2]
  • A. BETTINI, The direct search for dark matter (including WIMPs and axions) [lecture1] [lecture2]
  • M.J. DUFF, Gravity at the Square of a Gauge Theory [lecture]
  • S. FERRARA, Higher derivative Supergravity, Supersimmetry Breaking and Inflation [lecture1_2]
  • F. FERRONI, The INFN vision for neutrino physics [lecture]
  • P. GIUBELLINO, Status of ALICE [lecture]
  • J. KNOBLOCH, Probing Subnuclear Structure with Neutrinos [lecture]
  • D.V. NANOPOULOS, A No-scale Framework for Sub-Planckian Physics [lecture1_2]
  • H. NICOLAI, Generalised Geometry and Supergravity [lecture]
  • A. RIAZUELO, Results from the Planck Mission [lecture], Cosmological perturbation theory and inflation [lecture]
  • D. SCHILDKNECHT, Problems with Ultrahigh-energy Neutrino Interactions [lecture]
  • J.H. SCHWARZ, Gauge Theories on the Coloumb Branch [lecture1], BPS Soliton Solutions of a D3-Brane Action [lecture2]
  • M.J. TANNENBAUM, Highlights from BNL and RHIC 2014 [lecture1_2]
  • G. 'T HOOFT, Canonical Methods in deterministic Quantum Mechanics [lecture1_2] [Closure remarks]
  • C. TSALLIS, Complexity and Nonextensive Statistical Mechanics in High Energy Physics [lecture]
  • H. WENNINGER, The QGCW Project [lecture][addendum]
  • A. ZICHICHI, Opening session: A lesson for the future of our science. My testimony on Lord Patrick M.S. Blackett [lecture], Complexity and New Physics [lecture]
  • C. ZWEIG, Aces (Quarks) at Erice: The second lecture 50 years later [lecture]

Presentations, by New Talents (44)

  • S. AHMAD, Alpha decay channels in superheavy super deformed nuclei [PDF]
  • P.A. BELOV, Proton structure functions and determination of the PDFs at HERA [PDF]
  • O. BONDARENKO, Isospin violation in charmonium transitions [PDF]
  • S. BOREN, Prospects for Measuring Coherent J/ψ Photoproduction in Ultra-Peripheral p-Pb Collisions [PDF]
  • A. BYLINKIN, Two component model for hadron production in high energy collisions [PDF]
  • J. FIASCHI, Improving Z' search with AFB analysis [PDF]
  • T. DROZHZHOVA, Centrality classes roles of shadowing and model dependence in hadron-ion collisions [PDF]
  • A. ESPOSITO, Doubly charmed tetraquarks in Bc decays [PDF]
  • O. FISCHER, Non-Unitarity in Leptonic Mixing Constraints and Prospects [PDF]
  • C. FUREY, Charge Quantization from a Number Operator [PDF]
  • M. GIULINI, Performance of the FastTracKer in ATLAS [PDF]
  • O. GOULD, Semiclassical calculations of monopole pair production in high energy collisions [PDF]
  • N. GULITSKIY, Logarithmic violation of scaling in strongly anisotropic turbolent transfer of a passive vector field [PDF]
  • L. HUGHES, A Magic Pyramid of Supergravities [PDF]
  • O. IARYGINA, Quantum picture of black holes [PDF]
  • I. IVANCHENKO, Induced vacuum current and magnetic field in the background of a cosmic string modeled by an impenetrable magnetic-flux-carrying tube [PDF]
  • O. IVANYTSKYI, Chemical freeze-out irregularities as a signal of a mixed quark-gluon-hadron phase formation [PDF]
  • M. KOFARAGO, Development of a Test setup for the ALICE ITS Upgrade [PDF]
  • S. KOLEVATOV, On the effect of pion condensate on the spectrum of neutron star [PDF]
  • V. KOVALENKO, Long-range rapidity correlations at LHC energy in Monte Carlo model with string fusion [PDF]
  • J.F. KROG, The Weyl consistency condition, perturbative counting and Standard Model vacuum stability [PDF]
  • A. LASZLO, Conformal invariance without referring to metric [PDF]
  • T. LENZ, A search for supersymmetric long-lived charge particles with the CMS detector [PDF]
  • A. LEITHES, Conserved quantities in LTB cosmology [PDF]
  • A.L. LUKACS, Plane waves as tractor beams [PDF]
  • P. MASSAROTTI, Search for K+ -> π+ v vbar decay and forbidden decays at NA62 experiment at CERN [PDF]
  • P.V. MILLINGTON, Manifest  Causality  in  QFT  with  Sources  and  Detectors [PDF]
  • A. MIYAZAKI, Direct  measurement  of  the  positronium  hyperfine  interval  using  millimeter  waves [PDF]
  • L. PARISI, Skyrmions and Cosmology [PDF]
  • D.V. PEREPELITSA, High-pT probes of the partonic structure of heavy nuclei [PDF]
  • F. POPOV, Non stationary QFT: loop corrections in electrical field [PDF]
  • V. PROCHAZKA, Gluon condensates from Hamiltonian formalism [PDF]
  • J. QUEVILLON, Supersymmetric scenarios after the Higgs boson discovery [PDF]
  • A. REBESH, Correlation of π meson in deformed analog of Bose gas model [PDF]
  • R. RUSSO, D Meson production inp-Pb collisions with ALICE [PDF]
  • M. SAVITSKYI, Measurement of the inclusive t-tbar pair production cross section at √s = 1.96 TeV with the DØ Detector [PDF]
  • A. SEMENOVA, Interaction amplitudes of π mesons and nucleons in composite superconformal string model [PDF]
  • V. SLEPUKHIN, Non stationary QFT: infrared dynamics of massive φ^4 theory on De Sitter space [PDF]
  • S.V. TROFYMENKO, Inoization effect from high energy e+e- pairs in the detector [PDF]
  • V. YEGHIKYAN, Hopf maps and Wigner's little groups [PDF]
  • I. YELETSKIKH, Effective quark confinmente potentials from unitarity closed transformation method [PDF]
  • T. ZAGOSKIN, Full angular distribution of Higgs boson decay to two off-shell Z-bosons [PDF]
  • J. ZENNAMO, Fermilab Short-Baseline Neutrino Program [PDF]

Posters, by New Talents (15)

  • M. AJAZ, Light nuclei production at relativistic energies
  • B.L. CERCHIAI, The geometry of exceptional Lie groups, supergravity and integrable models [PDF]
  • Y. CORRALES MORALES, Low pT distribution of identified hadrons in p-Pb collisions measured with ALICE at the LHC [PDF]
  • M. CSANAD, Multipole solution of hydrodynamics [PDF]
  • T. DROZHZHOVA, Validation of centrality classes determination in light and heavy ion collisions
  • P. MASSAROTTI, The CHarged ANTIcounter for the NA62 experiment at CERN [PDF]
  • D.A. MILLAR, LHC Phenomenology for Resonant Top Pair Production with Extra-Dimensions [PDF]
  • A. LEITHES, Conserved quantities in Lemaitre-Tolman-Bondi cosmology [PDF]
  • A. LASZLO, Conformal invariance without referring to metric [PDF]
  • A. MIYAZAKI, Direct  measurement  of  Positronium  Hyperfine structure [PDF]
  • H.R. MIR, Some Features of Levy Stability Related to Intermittency in 32S-Em Collisions at 200A GeV/c [PDF]
  • I. RUDENOK, Post-inflationary preheating with weak coupling
  • M. SAVITSKYI, Intercalibration of CASTOR calorimeter at CMS using [PDF]
  • M. SCHROECK, Overlap quark propagator in coulomb gauge QCD [PDF]
  • A. SOKOLNIKOVA, Study for fragmentation and fracture functions in the hard processes [PDF]

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