Director of the School: A. ZICHICHI


Erice, 14 June – 23 June 2016





  • A. ASPECT, From Bell's Inequalities to Quantum Information: a new Quantum Revolution [lecture]
  • W.A. BARLETTA, The ELN Project [lecture]
  • Z. BEREZHIANI, Status of Dark Matter [lecture]
  • A. BETTINI, Where These New Frontiers Can Come. From ν-Physics? [lecture]
  • P. COLLINS, The Future of Silicon Vertex Detectors [lecture]
  • M.J. DUFF, M-Physics [lecture]
  • S. FERRARA, Cosmology and Supergravity [lecture1,lecture2]
  • F. FERRONI, The Dark Side of the Universe [lecture]
  • D.Z. FREEDMAN, Supergravity - Something fundamental and something new [lecture1] Project 3-Point - an AdS/CFT Puzzle and its Resolution[lecture2]
  • H. FRITZSCH, Where These New Frontiers Can Come. From Black Holes? [lecture]
  • A. GIAZOTTO, The First Experimental Evidence for the Existence of Gravitational Waves [lecture]
  • P. GIUBELLINO, Highlights from ALICE [lecture]
  • F. HALZEN, Highlights from ICE CUBE [lecture]
  • G. 't HOOFT, Where These New Frontiers Can Come. From Black Holes? [lecture1] Explaining the essentials [lecture2]
  • P. JENNI, Highlights from ATLAS [lecture]
  • J.D. OLSEN, Highlights from CMS [lecture]
  • M.J. TANNENBAUM, Highlights from BNL and RHIC [lecture]
  • T. TAYLOR, Technological Inventions at CERN [lecture]
  • P. VAN NIEUWENHUIZEN, Compactification of Type 2B Supergravity Revisited [lecture] Fortieth Anniversary of Supergravity [lecture]
  • H. WENNINGER, The LAA Project [lecture]
  • G. WILKINSON, Highlights from LHCb [lecture]
  • Z.Z. XING, Experimental Consequences of (2nd and 3rd) Family Lepton Symmetry in v-physics [lecture]
  • A. ZICHICHI, John Bell and the Ten Challenges of Subnuclear Physics [lecture] Fortieth Anniversary of Supergravity [lecture]

Presentations, by New Talents (49)

  • K.C. AKKAYA, Deconfinement in (2+1) D Georgi Glashow [pdf]
  • K. ASTAPOV, Sgoldstino rate estimates in the SHiP experiment [pdf]
  • R. BIONDI, Search for signals of neutron disappearance [pdf]
  • M. BROCHMANN, Measurements of the W boson mass by D0 group at Fermilab [pdf]
  • F. CARNESECCHI, High Precision Timing detectors for future experiments [pdf]
  • L. ALI CAVASONZA, Searches for Leptophilic Dark Matter with Astrophysical Experiments [pdf]
  • M. CSANAD, Particle production from ee to AA and search for the QCD Critical Point with PHENIX [pdf]
  • P.B. DENTON, Analytic and compact perturbative expressions for neutrino oscillations in matter [pdf]
  • T. DREYER, Measurement of the jet mass distribution in boosted top quark decays at 8 TeV in CMS [pdf]
  • T. DROZHZHOVA, Centrality dependence of the charged-particle multiplicity density at mid-rapidity in Pb-Pb collision at √ sNN  = 5.02 TeV [pdf]
  • D. ENGLERT, Pseudoscalar Higgs boson signatures at the LHC [pdf]
  • G. FALCIONI, The complete O(αs2) non-singlet heavy flavor corrections to DIS structure functions and sum rules [pdf]
  • X. FAN, Testing Quantum Electro-Dynamics with Pulsed Magnet and High Precision Laser [pdf]
  • N. FUREY, Generations: 3 prints, in colour [pdf]
  • M.V. GARGIULO, On the role of rotations and Bogoliubov transformations in neutrino mixing [pdf]
  • A. GOMEZ-VALENT, Dynamical cosmic vacuum in the Universe [pdf]
  • P. GHOSH, Non-Invasive procedures for QA and Characterization of silicon micro­strip detectors for Tracking [pdf]
  • D. GRAD, Conservation laws in the field theoretical formulation of gravity [pdf]
  • G. GUENTHER, The equation of state in QCD at finite chemical potential from lattice simulations [pdf]
  • M. HIPPERT, Critical vs. spurious fluctuations in the search for the QCD critical point [pdf]
  • N. HUSEYNOVA, ρ meson-nucleon coupling costant from the soft-wall AdS/QCD model [pdf]
  • P. KAKIN, Scaling in erosion of landscapes: Renormalization group analysis of a model with infinetly many couplings [pdf]
  • A. KHAMSEH, A Massive Momentum-Subtraction Scheme [pdf]
  • N. LEBEDEV, Critical behavior of the systems with an antisymmetric tensor order parameter [pdf]
  • B. LEHNERT, Two Neutrino Double Beta (2νββ) Decays into Excited States [pdf]
  • S. MAMMADOV, Meson effective mass in the isospin medium in hard-wall AdS/QCD model [pdf]
  • A. MARINI, Phase structure of a holographic double monolayer semimetal [pdf]
  • C. MARKOU, Nonlinear Supersymmetry [pdf]
  • Y. MISHCHENKO, Composite particles viewed as deformed oscillators, deformed Bose gas models and some applications [pdf]
  • A. MOTORNENKO, Cumulative production of pions by heavy baryonic resonances in proton-nucleus collisions [pdf]
  • M. NAEEM, Finite Temperature Effects on Lepton Interactions [pdf]
  • N. NOVITZKY, Direct Photon Analyses with PHENIX detector [pdf]
  • M. OVCHINNIKOV, Axion-like particle EFT ALP driven magnetic field growth Axion-like particle as dark matter and source of primordial magnetic field [pdf]
  • E. PEREZ LEZAMA, Transverse momentum distributions of charged-particles in pp and Pb-Pb collisions at √ sNN  = 5.02 TeV with ALICE [pdf]
  • N. PETRI, Black Holes in N = 2 Gauged Supergravity [pdf]
  • D. PIATTI, The 22Ne(p,γ)23Na reaction studies at LUNA [pdf]
  • M. SAMSONYAN, N=2* U(1) 4D and 5D gauge theories in background from Strings [pdf]
  • A. SERYAKOV, Multiplicity, transverse momentum and forward energy fluctuations in Ar+Sc collisions at CERN SPS from NA61/SHINE [pdf]
  • P. STOFFER, Hadronic Light-by-Light Scattering and Muon g-2: Dispersive Approach [pdf]
  • L. TANCREDI, Techniques for multiloop calculations for the LHC (a critical appraisal) [pdf]
  • A. TITTERTON, Searches for NMSSM Signatures in CMS [pdf]
  • S. TROGOLO, (Anti-)hypertriton production in Pb-Pb collisions with ALICE at the LHC [pdf]
  • J.R. VLIMANT, Deep Learning in High Energy Physics: Overview and Outlook [pdf]
  • H. WANG, Search for New Physics in Fully Hadronic Final States with the ATLAS Detector at the LHC [pdf]
  • A.M. WOJNAR, Inflationary cosmology with Chaplygin gas in Palatini formalism [pdf]
  • V. YANKELEVICH, Cosmology with Bispectrum for “Euclid” [pdf]
  • V. ZATLOUKAL, Hamiltonian constraint formulation of classical field theories [pdf]
  • A. ZEIN ASSI, N = 2 String and Gauge Theories: a Love Story [pdf]
  • M. ZOCCALI, The twins of gravity from gauge theory [pdf]

Posters, by New Talents (23)

  • M. AJAZ, The NA61/SHINE hadron production measurements for the T2K experiment [pdf]
  • A. BAGUET, Consistent Pauli reduction on group manifolds [pdf]
  • L. BELLANTUOMO, Exotic JPC=0-- oddballs in AdS/QCD [pdf]
  • P. BELOV, xFitter - open source QCD fit framework to determine Parton Density Functions of the proton [pdf]
  • F. CARNESECCHI, Study of Time Response of Various Detectors [pdf]
  • B.L. CERCHIAI, Some properties of Born-Infeld theories [pdf]
  • M. CSANAD, Levy analysis of Bose-Einstein correlations with PHENIX [pdf]
  • X. FAN, Testing Quantum Electro-Dynamics with Pulsed Magnet and Precision Optics [pdf]
  • M.V. GARGIULO, Rotation, Bogoliubov transformation and neutrino mixing [pdf]
  • P. GHOSH, Development of prototype components for the Silicon Tracking System of the CBM experiment at FAIR [pdf]
  • N.M. GULITSKIY, Renormalization Group Analysis of the Stochastic Navier-Stokes Equation with Colored Noise [pdf]
  • A.I. IVANYTSKYI, Polyakov loop geometrical clusters and deconfinement transition in SU(2) gluodynamics [pdf]
  • P. KAKIN, Effects of random environment on a self-organized critical system: Renormalization group analysis of a continuos model [pdf]
  • A. LEITHES, Assisted Coupled Quintessence - Structure Formation in a Universe of Complexity [pdf]
  • M. LIUL, A study of the interaction of ultrarelativistic neutrinos with relic neutrinos near the Z-boson peak [pdf]
  • S. LOKOS, Multipole asymmteries in the Buda-Lund hydrodynamical model [pdf]
  • A. LUKACS, Some properties of BPS skyrmions [pdf]
  • M. NAEEM, Neutrino Oscillations and CP-Asymmetries [pdf]
  • L. PARISI, The Einstein Static Universe 99 years later [pdf]
  • H. PRAGER, Model-independent study of leptophilic Dark Matter [pdf]
  • A. TITTERTON, Searches for NMSSM Signatures in CMS [pdf]
  • R. VERTESI, ϒ production in U+U collisions at the STAR experiment [pdf]
  • V. ZATLOUKAL, Hamiltonian Constraint Formulation of Classical Field Theories [pdf]

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