Director of the School: A. ZICHICHI


Erice, 14 June – 23 June 2017





  • F. ANTINORI, Highlights from ALICE [lecture1]
  • Z. BERN, Gravity Amplitudes from Gauge [lecture1]
  • A. BETTINI, Status of neutrinos [lecture1]
  • L. CIFARELLI,The EEE – Extreme Energy Events Project [lecture1]
  • P. DARRIULAT,The Early Universe as observed by Radio-Astronomy [lecture1]
  • A. DE RUJULA, QCD from its birth to its stubbornly unsolved problems [lecture1]
  • M. DUFF, Thirty Years of Erice on the Brane [lecture1]
  • S. FERRARA, Highlights in Supergravity [lecture1_2]
  • F. FERRONI, Highlights from Gran Sasso [lecture1]
  • H. FRITZSCH, Dark Matter and LHC [lecture1]
  • H. GAST, Unexpected results from AMS [lecture1]
  • P. GIUBELLINO, Physics at GSI & FAIR [lecture1]
  • G. 't HOOFT, The Future of Our Science [lecture1], The Black Holes Physics is a New Frontier [lecture2_3]
  • P. JENNI, Highlights from ATLAS [lecture1]
  • A. MARTIN, Lower Bound on the Inelastic Pion-Pion Cross Section at High Energy [lecture1]
  • S. MATHUR, Black Holes in String Theory [lecture1]
  • I. MELZER-PELLMANN, Highlights from CMS [lecture1]
  • D. NANOPOULOS, Flipped No-Scale Inflation [lecture1]
  • G. PASSALEVA, Highlights from LHCb [lecture1]
  • A. SAGNOTTI, Updates on Brane Supersimmetry Breaking [lecture1]
  • M.J. TANNENBAUM, Highlights from BNL and RHIC [lecture1]
  • T. TAYLOR, Highlights from LHCb [lecture1]
  • P. VAN NIEUWENHUIZEN, Highlights in Supergravity [lecture1_2]
  • H. WENNINGER/F. SAULI, Highlights from LAA Project [lecture Wenninger] [lecture Sauli]
  • A. ZICHICHI, The Future of Our Science [lecture1], The GAP between alpha_G and alpha_GUT [lecture2]

Presentations, by New Talents (46)

  • S. ALEKSEEV, Radiation from a moving mirror and growing loop corrections [pdf]
  • N. ANGELIDES, Directional dark matter detection with polarised frozen target [pps]
  • L. ASTRAKHANTCEV, 1+1 QFT with some nontrivial boundary conditions [pdf]
  • I. BASILE, On AdS x S String Vacua with broken Supersymmetry [pdf]
  • B. BELFATTO, Can gauge theories of flavour be accessible at the LHC? [pdf]
  • G. BIRO, Investigation of high energy nuclear collisions using Q-entropy [pdf]
  • I. BOBOVNIKOV, Search for supersymmetry with tau lepton in the CMS experiment [pdf]
  • M. BORINSKY, Bounds and estimates for Feynman-perturbative expansions [pdf]
  • S.A. BRAUN, Measuring |Vub| at LHCb [pdf]
  • W. BUTTINGER, Into the Dark, at the LHC [pdf]
  • Y. CHEN, A minimal model of Gravitino Dark Matter [pdf]
  • J. DE CRUZ PEREZ, Evidence of dynamical vacuum energy in the expanding Universe [pdf]
  • A. GALLO ROSSO, Supernova neutrino flux reconstruction in Cerenkov detectors [pdf]
  • C. GARBERS, The Top Quark Mass in the Muon+Jets Final State at sqrt(s)=13 TeV in 2015 Data [pdf]
  • J.E. GERKEN, Review: modular graph functions and the string effective action [pdf]
  • A. GNECCHI, BPS black holes in gauged Supergravity and magnetically induced quantum critical points [pdf]
  • A. GODIZOV, The ground state of the Pomeron and its decay to light mesons and photons [pdf]
  • P. GHOSH, Research and Deveolpment of GEM detector at high particle rate for CBM Experiment at FAIR [pdf]
  • P. GREGORIO CARRILHO, Quantum quenches during inflation [pdf]
  • N. GRIFFIN FERRIS, Top of Instrument Corrections for Cosmic Ray Nuclei with AMS on the Space Station [pdf]
  • C. HEISSENBERG, On Higher-Spin Supertranslations and Superrotations [pdf]
  • Y. HU, Charmonium study at BES-III [pdf]
  • N. KHARUK, Description of gravity in the model with independent nonsymmetric connection [pdf]
  • A. KENDI RAMIDAN KOHARA, Nno exponential behavior of 8 TeV, a consequence of the first zero of real nuclear amplitude [pdf]
  • D. KINCSES, PHENIX results on Levy analysis of HBT correlation functions [pdf]
  • S. KING, Naturalness and Dark Matter in the BLSSM [pdf]
  • X. LI, A high-resolution CMOS imaging detector for the search of neutrinoless double beta decay in 82Se* [pdf]
  • D. LIU, Measurement of ee -> KK cross section at sqrt(s)=2-3.08 GeV [pdf]
  • A. LUBASHEVSKIY, Experimental search for the coherent neutrino scattering with the vGEN experiment [pdf]
  • B.W. MEIRING, Resuregence and Hydrodynamics in Gauss Bonet Holography [pdf]
  • S. NAGY, Black Holes from the double copy [pdf]
  • A. OSSOWSKA, Searching for heavy neutral lepton in B decay at the LHCb experiment [pdf]
  • X. QIN, Nuclei Inelastic Cross Section Measurements with AMS-02 on the Space Station [pdf]
  • M. SAMSONYAN, The Supercurrent and Einstein equations in the Superconformal formulation [pdf]
  • A. SERYAKOV, Highlights from the NA61/SHINE fluctuations programme [pdf]
  • K. SHU, Toward a Realization of a Bose-Einstein Condensation of Positronium [pdf]
  • L. SMALDONE, Dynamical generation of fermion mixing [pdf]
  • F. SMIRNOV, Unusual square roots in bimetric gravity [pdf]
  • M. TARHINI, Charmonium production in Pb-Pb collisions at forward rapidity measured with ALICE [pdf]
  • C.T. TRAN, Probing new physics in Bbar->B*tau-vbar_tau using the longitudinal, transverse, and normal polarization components of the tau lepton [pdf]
  • C. WIESINGER, Background free search for neutrinoless double beta decay with GERDA Phase II [pdf]
  • S. YANG, Study of Psi(3686) -> phi pi^+ pi^- eta [pdf]
  • J. YIN, Ongoing analysis about the study of ee to phi chi_bj and omega chi_bj [pdf]
  • O. ZENAIEV, Measurement of double-differential cross sections for top quark pair production in pp collisions at sqrt(s)=8TeV and impact on parton distribution functions [pdf]

Posters, by New Talents (7)

  • A. BAGOLY, PHENIX results on Levy analysis of three particle Bose-Einstein correlation functions [pdf]
  • B.L. CERCHIAI, Deconstructing Englert [pdf]
  • P. GREGORIO CARRILHO, A Quantum Quench during Inflation [pdf]
  • D. KINCSES, Collision energy dependent Levy analysis of HBT correlation functions in Au+Au collisions at PHENIX [pdf]
  • A. MARRANI, A Mystery of Black Hole Entropy [pdf]
  • M. NAEEM, Effects of Finite Temperature on Lepton Interaction [pdf]
  • K. SHU, Toward a Realization of Bose-Einstein Condensation of Positronium [pdf]

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